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Appendix 3: Dantalian's Chariot Overview and Performance History

Dantalian’s Chariot resulted from the psychedelic transformation of Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band. The history of The Big Roll Band and Dantalian’s Chariot was integral to the story of Eric Burdon and The Animals during the same period. Both Big Roll and The Animals had a powerful and perceptive take on American music that the Americans themselves could not pull off. Unfortunately, while limited recorded evidence suggests that Dantalian’s Chariot was a terrific band, they were considerably less successful than the Animals and information has been harder to come by. Anyone with insights, corrections or additions is encouraged to contact us.

July 1967 - Dantalian’s Chariot formed in London out of Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band (by dropping the horn section and replacing vocalist/bassist Paul Williams)

(George Bruno) Zoot Money – Vocals and Organ

Andy Summers - Guitar

Pat Donaldson - Bass

Colin Allen – Drums

Andy Summers’ autobiography One Train Later (New York: St. Martin’s, 2006) describes the social and musical milieu of the transformation from The Big Roll Band to Dantalian’s Chariot, but his colourful anecdotes are not tied to any chronology.

August 1967 – Dantalian's Chariot recording sessions: The single “Madman Running Through The Fields” b/w “The Sun Came Bursting Through My Cloud” was released by Columbia.  However, the remaining recordings (“World War Three”, “This Island”, “Fourpenny Bus Ride”, “Four Firemen”, “Recapture The Thrill”, “Soma”, “Coffee Song”, “High Flying Bird”) stayed unreleased until the mid 1990s.

August 12, 1967: The National Jazz, Pop, Ballads and Blues Festival, Windsor, Berkshire Dantalian's Chariot with The Nice, Ten Years After, Paul Jones, Amen Corner, Bert Jansch, Crazy World of Arthur Brown, London Jazz Four, Mike Carr Trio with Harold McNair, Yusef Lateef, Danny Moss Quartet with Jeanie Lambe, Al Cohn, Graham Collier Septet, Timebox, Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation and Adams Recital.

August 19, 1967: Middle Earth, London: Dantalian's Chariot

Opening of the Middle Earth.

August 26, 1967: Chelmsford Corn Exchange, Chelmsford, Essex: Dantalian's Chariot, The Coltrane Union "Saturday Scene - A Flower Power Light Show"

August 26, 1967: Speakeasy, London: Dantalian's Chariot

A second August 26 show at the Speakeasy in London would have been late at night. It is reported that Jimi Hendrix was in the audience on this night.

August 27, 1967: Woburn Abbey, Bedfordshire “The Festival Of The Flower Children” Dantalian's Chariot with The Small Faces, Jeff Beck Group, Family, Al Stewart, Bee Gees, Marmalade, Tomorrow, Blossom Toes, The Syn, Breakthru, Tintern Abbey.

August 28, 1967: Possibly Near Glasgow, Scotland: Dantalian’s Chariot


August 29, 1967: Tain, Scotland: Dantalian’s Chariot


August 30, 1967: Craigellachie, Scotland: Dantalian’s Chariot

Summers describes the band playing a brief tour of Scotland, including a bizarre performance in the town of Craigellachie, where they end up doing mostly Scottish numbers. Zoot Money was able to help out identifying four shows, three of which were in the Highlands.


August 31, 1967: Ballerina Ballroom, Nairn, Scotland: Dantalian's Chariot with The T-Set

Reports exist of a second August 31 show at the Speakeasy (in London rather than the Isle of Wight) – this certainly did not take place as the Nairn show is well documented. It is thought that the report confuses the London Speakeasy with Clive Meddick's Big L Speakeasy on the Isle of Wight.


September 2, 1967: Clive Meddick's Big L Speakeasy, Ryde, Isle of Wight: Dantalian's Chariot

This has been confirmed by a surviving contract.


September 9, 1967: Clive Meddick's Big L Speakeasy, Ryde, Isle of Wight: Dantalian's Chariot

This has been confirmed by a review.

September 10, 1967: Saville Theatre, London: Eric Burdon & the Animals, Dantalian's Chariot, Denny Laine’s Electric String Band, Sam & Bill

September 21, 1967: UFO at The Roundhouse, London: Dantalian's Chariot with Zoot Money & His Light Show, The Social Deviants, The Exploding Galaxy

September 22, 1967: UFO at The Saville Theatre, London: Dantalian's Chariot, Exploding Galaxy, Social Deviants

September 29, 1967: Bluesville Club, The Manor House, London: Dantalian's Chariot

October 3, 1967: Klooks Kleek, Hampstead, London: Dantalion's Chariot


According to Summers’s book, Dantalian’s Chariot undertook a brief "Scandinavian" tour. For English bands, these were usually about a week long. The exact dates are uncertain but we do know of some shows.  


October ?, 1967: Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands: Dantalion's Chariot

October ?, 1967: Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands: Dantalion's Chariot

October ?, 1967: Arnhem, Netherlands: Dantalion's Chariot

November 11, 1967: West Polytechnic London: Dantalian’s Chariot

November 11, 1967: Middle Earth, London: Dantalian’s Chariot, Amalgam, Mabel Greer’s Toyshop

November 12, 1967: Black Prince, Bexley: Dantalian’s Chariot

November 17/18, 1967: Palais des Sports, Paris, France: Dantalian’s Chariot, Soft Machine, Cat Stevens, Tomorrow, Spencer Davis Group, others “La Fenêtre Rose” Love In and Festival

Thirty rock groups played this festival, and on the train trip from London, Soft Machine drummer Robert Wyatt met Summers.


December 17, 1967: Carlton Club, Erdington, West Midlands: Dantalian’s Chariot, Wynder K Frog


December 23, 1967 The Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, London, UK: Freedom, Procol Harum, The Animals, Denny Laine, Zoot Money, Fairport Convention

The advert says “Zoot Money,” but that is presumably Dantalian’s Chariot. Summers’s book describes various hilarious and unfortunate events endured by Dantalian’s Chariot’s efforts to spread psychedelia beyond London (in his words “we are too far ahead of the audience outside of London: East Grinstead is not Haight Ashbury”).


Sometime in the snowy winter, returning from a Newcastle show, the band (minus Zoot) suffers a car crash, and Summers ends up getting his nose broken. He is forced to wear a facial mask while healing, much to the amusement of other London musicians.

January 21, 1968: Nottingham Boat Club, Nottingham Zoot Money and Dantalion's Chariot

February 9, 1968: Artful Dodger's Club, North Romford Comprehensive School, Lodge Lane, Collier Row, Romford, Essex: Dantalian's Chariot featuring Zoot Money and the Incredible Artful Dodger featuring "Will," discs and the Keith Clifford Kaleidoscopic Beams (entry was 6s 6d)

February 17, 1968: Middle Earth, London: Dantalian’s Chariot

February 17, 1968: Ewell Technical College, Ewell, Surrey: Dantalian’s Chariot, Pretty Things

As Dantalian’s Chariot’s bookings gets thinner and thinner, the members inevitably start thinking of other opportunities. It appears that Eric Burdon approached Zoot Money (probably by phone) during this period, while Andy Summers accelerated his acquaintance with Robert Wyatt of Soft Machine.

There are reports (Marmalade Skies, for example) that Andy Summers left Dantalian’s Chariot in February 1968, but these are unsubstantiated.  Possibly this refers to an agreement to join the band, while continuing to fulfil existing obligations.


February 23, 1968: Punchbowl in Lapworth, West Midlands: Dantalion's Chariot


March 29, 1968: Mayfair Ballroom, Newcastle: Dantalian’s Chariot, Mr. Poobah's Chicago Line, Pleasure Machine

Bruno Ceriotti reports that the band was billed as Zoot Money with Dantalian's Chariot. It is unlikely that this is the same Newcastle show that was followed with the car crash as it was reported that there was snow at the time.

April 13, 1968: Middle Earth, London: Dantalion’s Chariot

April 19, 1968: Mistrale, Beckenham, Kent: Dantalion’s Chariot, Mr Mo's Messengers

April 1968 - Dantalion’s Chariot disbanded.  The band had originally been scheduled to play the Rome Festival (which had been rescheduled from February 1968 to May 4-10, 1968. Dantalian's Chariot had signed up along with list of artists is impressive Donovan, the Blossom
Toes, Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band, the Crazy World of Arthur Brown, the Crome Syrcus with the "Astarte" ballet, Fairport Convention, Family, the Incredible String Band, the recently busted Steve Miller Blues Band, the Move, the Nice, Pink Floyd, Soft Machine, Traffic and the Who.
Zoot Money joined Eric Burdon and The Animals in California, and commenced touring with them early in May. After some shows in the States, Zoot made his UK debut with Eric Burdon and The Animals on May 18, 1968 at Middle Earth (see the Eric Burdon and The Animals tree).


The Soft Machine Chronology for May 1968 sheds light on Andy Summers’ next venture. On May 4, Robert Wyatt, Hugh and Brian Hopper and Andy Summers jammed together at Summers' London flat.  It was decided that Summers would be joining the band for their next American tour.


Andy Summers indeed joined the Soft Machine for their second American tour, and the band plays a few gigs prior to joining the Jimi Hendrix Experience tour (the bands shared management). According to the definitive Soft Machine source, Graham Bennett’s Out-Bloody-Rageous (London: SAF Publishing 2005), Summers joined the balance of Soft Machine (organist Mike Ratledge, bassist Kevin Ayers and drummer/vocalist Robert Wyatt) for at least the following shows:

May 24, 1968: Bluesville '68 Club, Manor House, Finsbury Park, London:  Soft Machine, Jimmy James and The Vagabonds

June 5, 1968: Dearborn, MI: Soft Machine

June 10, 1968: The Cave, Houston, TX: Soft Machine

June 14, 1968: Grande Ballroom, Detroit, MI: Soft Machine, Wilson Mower Pursuit, Oaesse

June 15, 1968: Grande Ballroom, Detroit, MI: Soft Machine, The Pack, The Up

June ?, 1968: Akron, OH: Soft Machine

July 9, 1968: Museum of Modern Art,  New York, NY: Soft Machine

Summers was summarily pushed out of Soft Machine prior to the start of the American tour with Hendrix—Ayers felt that Summers was joining Wyatt in pushing the band into too jazzy a direction—and Summers spent the next six weeks in New York’s Chelsea hotel, broke and without a show to play. He was rescued by a call from Zoot Money, who asked him to come to California and join the Animals. His first show with the band was August 3, 1968 at the Newport Pop Festival in Southern California.

Eric Burdon and The Animals

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