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Appendix 2: Prelude-The Animals US Tour July-September 1966

Although our principal focus remains on the ďNew AnimalsĒ of 1967-68, a thoughtful correspondent has sent us the dates of the last American tour of the original Animals, and we are including them here for completeness (h/t Joe Mc for the list). The Animals had already decided to break up by June 1966, but they agreed to do a contracted American tour.

In Summer 1966, the Animals were:

Eric Burdon-vocals

Hilton Valentine-lead guitar

Dave Roweberry-keyboards

Chas Chandler-bass

Barry Jenkins-drums

For most of the American tour, The Animals shared a bill with Herman's Hermits, and each stop probably included several local bands. The Animals probably played 20 or 30 minute sets, and only Burdon's vocals would have gone through the house PA, with the band's guitar amps providing the only other amplification. While that sort of sound system could work in a nightclub, it had to sound pretty tinny in a big civic auditorium.

July 1, 1966: HIC Arena, Honolulu, HI:  Hermanís Hermits, The Animals

July 2, 1966: Civic Auditorium, San Jose, CA: Hermanís Hermits, The Animals

July 3, 1966: Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA: Hermanís Hermits, The Animals

July 4, 1966 TTG Studios, Hollywood-recording

Bruno Ceriotti points out another historical fact from this tour: On a day off from the tour Eric Burdon entered the TTG Studios in Los Angeles to recorded with Tom Wilson as producer, Frank Zappa as arranger and Ami Hadani as engineer, two songs titled: The Other Side Of This Life (maybe with Zappa on bass?) and All Night Long (maybe with Zappa on guitar and/or bass?) with the help of four local session men: William Roberts(guitar), Larry Knetchel (organ), Carol Kaye (guitar) and John Guerin (drums). Both tracks were released in their US album Animalism (November 21, 1966) and the song The Other Side Of This Life was also released as single by Eric Burdon & The Animals: The Other Side of This Life b/w It's All Meat (August 21, 1967).

July 6, 1966: Bear Stadium, Denver University, Denver CO: Hermanís Hermits, The Animals

July 7, 1966: Coliseum, Lubbock, TX: Hermanís Hermits, The Animals

July 9, 1966: Lagoon Terrace Ballroom, Salt Lake City, UT: Hermanís Hermits, The Animals

July 10, 1966: Auditorium Convention Hall, Minneapolis, MN: Hermanís Hermits, The Animals (afternoon show)

July 10, 1966: Memorial Auditorium Kansas City, MO: Hermanís Hermits, The Animals (evening show)

July 12, 1966: [venue], Sioux Falls, SD: Hermanís Hermits, The Animals (afternoon show)

July 12, 1966  Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Des Moines, IA: Hermanís Hermits, The Animals (evening show)

July 13, 1966: Pershing Auditorium Lincoln, NE: Hermanís Hermits, The Animals

July 14, 1966: Assembly Center, Tulsa, OK: Hermanís Hermits, The Animals

July 15, 1966: War Memorial Stadium, Little Rock, AR:  Hermanís Hermits, The Animals

July 16, 1966: Dallas, TX:  Hermanís Hermits, The Animals (ticket stub exists, otherwise unconfirmed)

July 17, 1966: Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, TX:  Hermanís Hermits, The Animals

July 18, 1966: Memorial Coliseum, Corpus Christi, TX: Hermanís Hermits, The Animals (Hermanís Hermits drum kit stolen)

July 19, 1966: Mississippi Coliseum, Jackson, MS: Hermanís Hermits, The Animals

July 20, 1966: Municipal Auditorium, Atlanta, GA: Hermanís Hermits, The Animals

July 21, 1966: Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, TN: Hermanís Hermits, The Animals

July 22, 1966: State Coliseum, Montgomery, AL: Hermanís Hermits, The Animals

July 23, 1966: Municipal Auditorium, Birmingham, AL: Hermanís Hermits, The Animals

July 24, 1966: City Park Stadium, New Orleans, LA: Hermanís Hermits, The Animals

July 25, 1966:  Syria Mosque, Richmond, VA: Hermanís Hermits, The Animals

July 26, 1966: Municipal Auditorium, Winston-Salem, NC: Hermanís Hermits, The Animals

July 27, 1966: Municipal Auditorium, Canton, OH: Hermanís Hermits, The Animals

July 28, 1966: Olympia Stadium, Detroit, MI: Hermanís Hermits, The Animals

July 29, 1966:  [venue] Montreal, QC: Hermanís Hermits, The Animals     

The venue was probably The Forum.

July 30, 1966: Civic Center, Baltimore, MD: Hermanís Hermits, The Animals

July 31, 1966:  International Amphitheatre, Chicago, IL: Hermanís Hermits, The Animals  (afternoon show)

July 31, 1966: Milwaukee Arena, Milwaukee, WI: Hermanís Hermits, The Animals (evening show)

>August 1, 1966:  OFF  

Hermanís Hermits played three days at the Atlantic City, NJ Steel Pier.

August 2, 1966: Cape Cod A-Go-Go, West Hyannis, MA: The Animals

Bruno Ceriotti has confirmed that after this show, The Animals flew back to New York City, and Chas Chandler met Linda Keith (Keith Richard's girlfriend) at a club called Ondine's, where she told him about a guitarist playing in Greenwich Village.

August 3, 1966: Wollman Rink, Central Park, New York NY: The Animals      

After the Central Park show, Chandler went to the Cafe What to hear Jimi Hendrix, playing as Jimmy James and The Blue Flames. Jimi's second guitarist was Los Angeles teenager Randy Wolfe, in Long Island for the Summer, whom Jimi had dubbed "Randy California."

August 4, 1966: Memorial Coliseum, Fort Wayne, IN: Hermanís Hermits, The Animals

August 5, 1966: Boston Arena, Boston, MA: Hermanís Hermits, The Animals

August 6, 1966: Maple Leaf Garden, Toronto, ONT: Hermanís Hermits, The Animals

August 7, 1966: Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA: Hermanís Hermits, The Animals

August 8, 1966: Rhode Island Auditorium, Providence, RI: Hermanís Hermits, The Animals

This show may have been cancelled. At some point on or after August 8, Eric went to San Francisco, where he experienced that rarest of natural occurrences, the 'Warm San Franciscan Night.'

August 13, 1966: Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento, CA: The Animals, Jefferson Airplane, Wailers

The Jefferson Airplane would of headed right back to The City where they would play later in the evening with the Grateful Dead at the Fillmore Auditorium.

August 15, 1966: Veterans Memorial Auditorium Santa Rosa, CA: The Animals, New Breed, California Girls

August 17-23, 1966:  [venue], New York City, NY: The Animals

August 24, 1966:  [venue], Phoenix, AZ: The Animals

August 25, 1966:  [venue], Manatu Beach, MI: The Animals

August 26, 1966:  [venue], Harbor Springs, MI: The Animals

August 27, 1966:  [venue], Midland, MI: The Animals

August 28, 1966:  [venue], Benton Harbor, MI: The Animals

August 29, 1966:  [venue], Mendon, MA: The Animals

August 30-September 5, 1966: The Steel Pier resort, Atlantic City, NJ: The Animals

Most of the Animals returned to England, although Chas Chandler stayed a few extra days to work out details of Jimi Hendrixís emigration to England, where Chandler would manage him.

Apparently, Chandler and Hendrix invited Randy California (Wolfe) to come to England as well, but his mother insisted he come back to Los Angeles and finish High School.

September 16, 1966: Ready Steady Go, Rediffusion Television, London: Otis Redding, Eric Burdon, Chris Farlowe

Although the Animals had actually broken up, Burdon himself remained a star. Billed as the Otis Redding Special, Burdon performed Hold on I'm Coming on his own and then joined Otis Redding and Chris Farlowe for Shake and Land of 1000 Dances.

October 7, 1966: Ready Steady Go, Rediffusion Television, London:  Rolling Stones, Eric Burdon, Paul & Barry Ryan

Burdon performs Help Me Girl which had been released in September 1966.   It went on to reach number 29 on the US charts and number 14 in the UK.

Eric Burdon and The Animals

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