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Appendix 1: Aftermath-Eric Burdon and The Animals, 1969

Although Eric Burdon and The Animals broke up in December 1968, shortly after the debacle of the Japanese tour, the California adventures of the band members were not quite over. This appendix briefly chronicles each band member’s immediate aftermath in California throughout 1969.

Barry Jenkins (drums) was the only member who returned immediately to England. He joined the group Heavy Jelly. However, he soon gave up performing in order to operate a guitar shop.

Danny McCulloch (bass) had left the Animals in July 1968, shortly after Vic Briggs. In 1969 McCulloch released the solo album Wings of A Man on Capitol Records, produced by Briggs. Subsequently McCulloch played as a session musician and in the 1990s formed a variant version of the band - Danny McCulloch's Animals – and it was this band that played a concert in Moscow's Red Square to aid The Children of the Chernobyl Disaster.

Vic Briggs (guitar) left the Animals in July 1968 to become a staff producer for Capitol Records. Among other works, he produced McCulloch’s Wings Of A Man and Zoot Money’s 1969 album Welcome To My Head. Briggs went on to a quite remarkable music career afterwards, albeit well outside the confines of rock music.

John Weider (guitar) remained in Los Angeles in 1969, playing with the group Stonehenge. However, in 1969 the English group Family abruptly needed a new bass player while on tour in America, as their bassist Ric Grech had unexpectedly departed to join Blind Faith. Weider was flown to Detroit where he joined Family for an April 25, 1969 show at the Grande Ballroom. He remained in Family for two years, returning to England, where he went on to play in a variety of bands. John eventually settled in Los Angeles and made a career in music publishing, first with Warner Chappell and currently with Peer Music. John and Antion (Vic) are still friends after forty seven years.

Zoot Money (keyboards) remained in Los Angeles in 1969 (after a brief Christmas trip to England), working on a Capitol Records album with Vic Briggs. The album Welcome To My Head was released in July 1969. Money formed a five-piece band to promote the album, although he no longer recalls who was in it. I only know of two bookings for the band:

The Comic Strip was at 120 Ocean Front, and according to Money was a hangout for college students (probably from nearby Santa Monica College). This was a tiny place that Money used for some warm-up dates, and not very many people could have attended. Money does recall, however, that on one of those nights his friend Jimi Hendrix dropped by to play some rhythm guitar. Hendrix had jammed with Money on the first night he arrived in London in September 1966, so they had lots of history.

The Family Dog on The Great Highway was Chet Helms next venture after The Avalon, and an attempt to broaden the rock concert paradigm that Helms had helped invent. However, the ballroom at Ocean Beach far from Downtown San Francisco and the East Bay and isolated from the South Bay suburbs, so shows were thinly attended. I have never read a review of this show, and Money himself does not recall much about it.

An interesting by-product of Zoot Money’s year in Hollywood was that he started a parallel career as an actor, a career which continued when he returned to England in 1970. While acting has always been secondary to music for him, Hollywood seemed to have recognized Zoot’s unique magnetism. Zoot continues to perform regularly today.

Andy Summers (guitar) remained in California, got married (to future Chartbuster Robin Lane), got a college degree at Cal State Northridge and largely dropped out of the music industry. He returned to England and the music industry around 1974, playing with Neal Sedaka, Kevin Coyne, Kevin Ayers and Mike Howlett, among others, before a successful stint in Law Enforcement.

Eric Burdon (vocals) remained in Los Angeles in 1969, stuck in contractual limbo. MGM had released Love Is, the final Eric Burdon and The Animals album, in December 1968, so they were still invested in Burdon’s career. However, for various reasons Burdon was frustrated with the music business, and felt with some justification that he had earned a lot of money for his manager and record companies with little to show for it. According to Egan, Burdon was very interested in film making and managed to get enrolled in USC Film School. However, he was not interested in doing the preparatory work that other students were doing, so he did not pursue the program.

Throughout the Winter of 1969, Burdon did not seem to make any music. Starting in the Spring, however, Burdon started to appear around Southern California:

April 1, 1969 Sun Air Drive-In, Palm Springs, CA: Palm Springs Pop Festival Ike & Tina Turner, Canned Heat, Buddy Miles, Savoy Brown

This was a two day festival, and Eric Burdon sang with Canned Heat the first night, at Bob Hite’s invitation.  Apparently (according to Burdon) a substantial police presence in riot gear ruined the concert. The venue was apparently changed for the next day.

April 2, 1969 Whisky A-Go-Go, West Hollywood, CA: Eric Burdon

Burdon played only this night during a run featuring Savoy Brown, Delaney & Bonnie and the Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation. It is unclear who his band might have been—perhaps he sat in with Dunbar’s group?

In April, 1969 MGM released an album called The Greatest Hits of Eric Burdon and The Animals and there appears to have been a short tour promoting the album. It is unclear who Eric Burdon’s 1969 band might have been. While Zoot Money and Andy Summers were still living in Los Angeles at the time, it does not seem that either were part of it.  However, in his autobiography, Eric Burdon mentions jamming with the group Blues Image, and playing in Northern California with them.  There is every reason to assume (although not with absolute certainty) that Blues Image played on other dates as well, but I am hardly convinced that they played all of them.

Blues Image were originally from Tampa, Florida, and had moved to Miami where they became the house band at the psychedelic venue Thee Image.  By early 1969, they had moved to Los Angeles.  At the time, Blues Image featured

>May 1-4, 1969 Whisky A-Go-Go, West Hollywood, CA: Shiva’s Head Band, Blues Image

Eric Burdon was booked but canceled.  Burdon did appear to play a few dates with Blues Image, so possibly he was supposed to work with them.

>May 25, 1969 Family Park, Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, San Jose, CA Northern California Folk-Rock Festival

This was a three day-festival (May 23-25, 1969). Performers included Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Led Zeppelin and many others, and Eric Burdon was booked as well. In his autobiography, Burdon mentioned that Blues Image was late arriving from Chicago, and Hendrix manager (and former Animals manager) Mike Jeffery refused to reduce Hendrix’s set to allow Burdon to get in 20 minutes, so Burdon did not play.

May 31 or June 1-4, 1969: PNE Coliseum, Vancouver, BC: Eric Burdon and The Animals

A hard-to-read poster lists Eric Burdon as performing as part of a series of concerts in Vancouver, but I have been unable to discern the exact date. The timing of the date suggests a brief tour, as there are several booked dates outside of California, but it remains a mystery who Burdon played with or what material they performed.

June 13-14, 1969: Kinetic Playground, Chicago, IL: Eric Burdon, The Zombies, It’s A Beautiful Day

June 20, 1969 State Fairgrounds Coliseum, Salt Lake City, UT Eric Burdon

I have seen an online reference to Burdon playing the Fairgounds Coliseum around this time, and I have postulated the date. I can’t confirm that Burdon played, and the date is just speculation (if a reasonable proposition).

June 20-22, 1969: Devonshire Downs, San Fernando State College, Northridge, CA: Newport Pop Festival

June 21, 1969 Jethro Tull, Albert Collins, Buffy St. Marie, Brenton Wood, Charity, Eric Burdon, Friends of Distinction, Love, Sweetwater, Jerry Lauderdale

Blues Image (presuming they were backing Burdon) were playing the Fillmore West this weekend, but playing a daytime show in Southern California and flying up to the Fillmore for an evening show was not unheard of in this period.

June 22, 1969 Creedence Clearwater Revival, Albert King, The Flock, Steppenwolf, Johnny Winter, Young Rascals, Booker T and The MGs, Three Dog Night, Byrds, Grassroots, Chambers Brothers, Marvin Gaye, Poco, Mother Earth, jam with Jimi Hendrix

On Sunday, the final day of the festival (June 22), Jimi Hendrix jammed with Buddy Miles, Eric Burdon, Tracy Nelson and other musicians.  Initially, Hendrix jammed with Buddy Miles and bassist Brad Campbell (from Janis Joplin’s band), and then was eventually joined by numerous other players including Burdon and his friend, harmonica player Lee Oskar.  Photos of the jam are in Burdon’s book.

July 4-6, 1969 Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA:  Eric Burdon and His Band, It’s A Beautiful Day, Cat Mother and The All Night Newsboys

This seems to be the last show of Burdon’s brief ‘tour.’ Intriguingly, they are booked as “Eric Burdon and His Band,” but there are no clues to their identity. I do think that if Burdon was playing with Blues Image, they would have on the bill as well.

>August 3, 1969: Sportsman’s Park, Mt. Clemens, MI: Mt. Clemens Pop Festival

An early poster for this outdoor event in Michigan has Eric Burdon headlining over the MC5, John Mayall and many other bands.  It appears, however, that Burdon was replaced as headliner by Country Joe and The Fish.

Sometime in the Summer of 1969, Eric Burdon and his friend Lee Oskar had met a band in LA called The Night Shift, who were backing Los Angeles Ram Deacon Jones’s fledgling singing career. Burdon and Oskar joined up with the Night Shift, and ended up recording with them as Eric Burdon and War. The first public performance of Eric Burdon and War was at the Swing Auditorium in San Bernardino on September 26, 1969, and thus Burdon began the next successful phase in his remarkable career.

Eric Burdon and The Animals

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