UK Tour - Spring 2006

Latest Update: August 6, 2009

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Country Joe returns to the UK in April 2006 for an albeit brief tour.  Again the tour is promoted by John Roberts of Barking Spider.  You can download the nifty eHandbills of the UK shows from the links below - just right click on the thumbnails, select "Save Target As" to save the image to your computer and wait a while - actually quite a long while if you have a dial-up connection.  Alternatively you can view the images at screen resolution by double clicking on the thumbnails.


Tuesday April 11, 2006: Hanbury Ballroom, Brighton

Wednesday April 12, 2006: South Parade Pier, Southsea

Thursday April 13, 2006: Honiton Motel

Friday April 14, 2006: Unicorn Hotel, Somerton

Saturday April 15, 2006: The Musician, Leicester

Sunday April 16, 2006: The Flowerpot, Derby

Monday April 17, 2006: The Farm, Skegness

Tuesday April 18, 2006: The Borderline, London

April 2006 Tour Poster



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